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DREAM OF HARMONY is a multitasking arcade platformer game for Windows and Android in which you use your left hand to move your character while simultaneously building a path to the top with your right hand. In order to escape Harmony's nightmares, the player tries to gain as much height as possible by jumping between fixed platforms, while at the same time having to create a path between these platforms by cleverly placing falling elements. This coordinative feat is aimed at fans of challenging games of skill and dark worlds that tell their very own story.

Dream of Harmony is a student project that was developed with the Unity Engine at the Games Academy Berlin within six weeks by a six-persons team called BRUNCHTIME STUDIO.

Any feedback is very welcome! :)


Genre:Arcade Platformer
Platforms:PC (Windows), Smartphones (Android)
Player count:
1  (Singleplayer)
Target group:
Fans of complex platformer games
Setting:Gloomy nightmare of a young coma patient
Artstyle:Grayscale Comic
Camera view:
Side view
Controls:Keyboard, Gamepad, Touchscreen


Manuel Michel
Game Designer, Project Manager, Sound Designer
Cenk Melzer
Lead Programmer
Florian Weiss
Hannah Goral
Artist (Concept, Environment, UI)
Isabel Verheyen
Artist (Character, Animation, Props)
René Rittmann
Artist (Creature, Animation)


The game was developed with a focus on Windows PCs, but is also playable on Android Phones. You can download the app directly from the Google Play Store for free: playdoh.brunchtimestudio.com



DreamOfHarmony_V1.exe 67 MB

Also available on


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Like the mechanics of this game and the art! Really enjoyed to play it. This game is featured in my Top 5 of the Week!

Check my Video. Subscribe my Youtube Channel if you like it!


We're very happy that you like our game prototype! And thanks for the featuring! :)

is there an ending for this games?, or is just arcade game where we as player have to get the highest score we can?


The game has an end. But nice as we are, we haven't implemented that yet. ;)

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i actually searching for a free short games with genre story, well you now for making a gameplay, but yeah thank you for reply my comment

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Great game! Love the visuals and mechanics! 

Thank you very much! Anything you don't like and where you think we should work on next?