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GUNGNIR is a hyper casual puzzle and dexterity game for smartphones. The goal of the game is to hit as many different flying creatures as possible with a single javelin throw. The game takes players through different levels and charms with its hand-drawn art style, unusual for mobile games. Prove a steady hand, a sharp eye for patterns and precision with the throwing spear to become a champion of Odin.

GUNGNIR is a student project that was developed with the Unity Engine at the Games Academy Berlin within 10 weeks by a 4-persons team called BRUNCHTIME STUDIO.

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Genre:Hyper Casual Puzzle and Dexterity
Platforms:Smartphones (Android)
Player count:
1  (Singleplayer)
Target group:
Casual players, commuters, Viking fans
Setting:Norse Mythology
Hand-drawn 2D
Camera view:
Side View
Controls:Touch (swiping with one finger)


Manuel MichelGame Designer, Project Manager, Sound Designer
Florian WeissProgrammer
Hannah Goral
2D Artist (Creatures, Animation, Backgrounds, Props)
Isabel Verheyen
2D Artist (UI, Backgrounds)


The game was developed for Android Phones. You can download the app directly from the Play Store for free: playgungnir.brunchtimestudio.com

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